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Even though batteries can keep going for a long time or more when appropriately cared for, most vehicle batteries will progress toward becoming worn out and wasted in three years of ordinary use in typical conditions. The same way your PC or cell phone's battery turns out to be less proficient with each charge, your vehicle's battery weakens each time it's energized by the vehicle's motor. After three years, it is usually time to introduce a substitution. At Ferrari Silicon Valley we are here to help you with your Ferrari battery maintenance and replacement. If you are looking for a more convenient way to get service, be sure to ask about our loaner or delivery option.

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Redwood City Ferrari Battery Replacement Service

Serving Redwood City and San Jose

We know how important your Ferrari is to you, we at Ferrari Silicon Valley, look to exceed our customer's expectations and our service department takes this company certainty very seriously. We use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for each battery service that we perform. This ensures that you will receive top service every time since we work according to suggestions that come straight from the automaker itself. By servicing your Ferrari with us, you can be sure that you'll have longevity with your Ferrari because we are working with the components provided by its manufacturer.

Ferrari Silicon Valley's automotive technicians have the certifications, knowledge, and experience you need to make sure your Ferrari is performing the best way possible. Furthermore, we have a variety of solutions for you while you wait to get your car serviced. These include: a modern wifi lounge with coffee that overlooks our service area, shuttle service, loaner vehicles, and most recently a Ferrari pick up and delivery to your location in the Redwood City area.