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Why Schedule A Tire Change

Tires of a vehicle are subject to a high degree of normal wear and tear. They are always in contact with the road. They have to withstand all sorts of shocks resulting from poor road conditions such as potholes, cracks or uneven areas. Whenever you brake, your tires are the first to wear out. A tiny layer of their surface goes away with every brake. If you overlook this fact, the time will come when one of your tires can explode, putting you at risk of an accident. These being said, it's easy to understand why car tires require a change every few years. The best way to do it is to schedule tire service before it's too late. You need to constantly monitor the thickness of your car tires and schedule this change as soon as you notice it has reached the minimum safety point. In addition, you should periodically inspect your tires to look for bumps, cracks or other unusual signs of wear. Here, at Ferrari Silicon Valley, we work hard to get your Ferrari the best tires so you can be back on the road in no time. If you are looking for a more convenient way to get service, be sure to ask about our loaner or delivery option.

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At Ferrari Silicon Valley, we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for each and every tire change that we perform. Using OEM parts ensures that you will get a top-level service; they are straight from the automaker itself to guarantee complete compatibility and high level of quality. That is not guaranteed aftermarket parts, which do not necessarily use the same material for their parts and consequently cannot promise the same level of quality as OEM parts. Ultimately, you can depend on us to ensure the longevity of your Ferrari by sticking with the components provided by its manufacturer.

Ferrari Silicon Valley is where you will meet with automotive technicians with the right certifications to prove their exceptional knowledge and professionalism. Because of their years of combined experience, our automotive technicians are experts in all things Ferrari. So, when you come to our dealership, leave your vehicle with them with absolute confidence that they know what they are doing.